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Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey - I Know What You Want (Video) ft. Flipmode Squad

Dodano: 2014-01-22

Wyświetleń: 94848333

Czas trwania: 05:17

Opis materiału Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey - I Know What You Want (Video) ft. Flipmode Squad

                  Busta Rhymes' official music video for 'I Know What You Want' ft. Mariah Carey and The Flipmode Squad. Click to listen to Busta Rhymes on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BustaSpot?IQid=Bus...

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Baby if you give it to me
I'll give it to you
I know what you want
You know I got it
Baby if you give it to me
I'll give it to you
As long as you want
You know I got it

We been together for a few years
Shared a few tears
Called each other nicknames
Like Sugar Plum and Poo Bear
I'm always on the road
I'm hardly ever home
Always busy this busy that
Can't talk on the phone
I know you aggrevated
Walk around frustrated
Ya patience gettin' short
How long can you tolerate it
Listen ma I'm just motivated
I do this for us
Step on the grind tryin' to elevate it now"                


Lema Measi
i really like your song,still listen every day from TANZANIA
Song starts at 3:41
Candace Pryor
Remember Raw Digga in 13 Ghosts the movie
The Ronin Chronicle
Holy shit, Al Simmons is in this video?!
Yeah Shorty I know what you needI got everything you needI promise I ain't gonna hold out eitherI'ma give it all to you baby, It's on, bust itBaby if you give it to me, I'll give it to youI know what you want, You know I got itBaby if you give it to me, I'll give it to youAs long as you want, You know I got it x 2We been together for a few years, Shared a few tearsCalled each other nicknames, Like Sugar Plum and Poo BearI'm always on the road, I'm hardly ever homeAlways busy this busy that, Can't talk on the phoneI know you aggrevated, Walk around frustratedYa patience gettin' short, How long can you tolerate itListen ma I'm just motivated, I do this for usStep on the grind tryin' to elevate it nowHey yo to really be honestYou stuck with me through my whole struggleCan't express the words, How much the kid loves yaI'ma stand as a man never above yaI can tell that you different from mostWe gon' sex every day, But when we sex we teaseIn a passionate way, I love the way you touch itThose little elaborate ways, Got the guard feelin' releasedTo relax for the day, It's on you maBaby if you give it to me…Shh, mami listen, I feel ya love for me babyAnd how it move through you, I been longin' for the momentTo talk the truth to you, Listen, I'm never homeI always get up and goI never meant to put a thousand poundsOf stress on ya head, I love the way we sleepAnd always cuddle in bed, Baby, I stay embracin' ya patienceSheddin' ya tears with me, I ask you my mamiPlease continue to bear with meWe started out broke, Constantly on a rollCuttin' up in the streets like we would never get oldWent from Lucy's and buses to fifty cent sodasAnd Novas to Hondas to Lexus to RoversMad years passed, Still got each other backWord is bond never screw none of these industry catsWe like Scull and Mulder, Walkin' shoulder to shoulderMilkin' this game watchin' our seeds gettin' olderBaby if you give it to me…Yes you know I'll die for you, And ya know I'll ride with youI will always try with you, And give ya my love and cry with youI will climb a mountain high, Until I was up to touch the skySo baby come and get more close to meThis is where your love is supposed to beI pull up to the house in a yellow LamborghiniIt's been a few months in PA you haven't seen meYa lookin' good in that Gucci bikini, 38 carats ya ring lookin' freezyNo matter what I do in the world you never leave meFall back ma I'll make ya lifestyle easyI appreciate the things ya do to please meBaby if you give it to me…
I remember my SonyErickson mobilephone and this ringtone😢
sami Dz
😆😆😅😅😅🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿✌ يتنحاو قاع فين راكم 2019 خخخخ
aida cortes
Love Mariah!!! She's so perfect
Rose Brown
May 2019🥰
endoplazmik retikulum
bu şarkıyı yıllar geçse de dinleyenler, keşbiş olsun bağımlı oldunuz..