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Mumford & Sons - Beloved (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2018-11-17

Wyświetleń: 359936

Czas trwania: 04:26

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                  Mumford & Sons - Beloved (Lyrics)

Austere enthroned in white grandeur
But tired a shift
A whisper of where you sailed ahead
From your eyes
I'd never seen you unkempt before
As you whispered "Darling close the door"
Well how, have I not made a note of every word
You ever said
Time, is not on our side
But I pretend that it's alright
She says the Lord has a plan
But admits it's pretty hard to understand

Before you leave you must know you are beloved
And before you leave, remember I was with you

[Verse 2]
Are you afraid
How ever could you not be
In this rosy light
This is strange
I feel a hand come through the mirror
Pointing at the light
Pointing at the light we never see
As you put your feathered arms over me

Before you leave you must know you are beloved
And before you leave remember I was with you
And as you leave
I won't hold you back beloved

You sit
And talk the stars down from the sky
Down there, forget the chaos in your eyes love

And as you leave you must know you are beloved
And as you leave I can see the wild has come for you
And as you leave I won't hold you back beloved
And as you leave see my children playing at your feet



Be Smart
You are my beloved !!!!!!!
ICantBelieve ItsButters
Thursday June 3rd, 2004 My grandmother passed away. While she was in the hospital I would visit her on my way to work. Every day I made sure to take time to see her. Every day she would try to cut our visits short because she didn't want me to be late, every day she would ask me if I ate or needed to stop at the hospital cafeteria. June 3rd I was running late for work and didn't stop to visit her. 30 minutes into my shift I got a call that she had passed. I was left feeling empty knowing that to woman that I attribute all my softness to no longer was. I remember being so mad at God that he would take her. All I could do was throw a baseball into the side of my barn over and over and over until my arm was so sore I couldn't raise it above my head. I collapsed to the ground unable to contain my tears and emotion. I walked out in the middle of a cornfield screamed and pounded the ground until my first was swollen. It has been 15 years and now my Grandfather is in a home for help with dementia. I don't know what I will do when he forgets who she was, who I am or where he is. When my wife and I separated I showed up unannounced at his door and just fell in his arms sobbing unable to speak. At 80+ years he held me up and sat me at his table and just sat there until I was able to tell him what happened. My grandparents have been a safe and secure place where I have always been able to go and seek wise and sage advice. They are irreplaceable and I don't know what I will do without him to talk to. (My wife and I are back together)At the end of every visit he always would say, "Paul, you know no matter what you do, we still will love you. You remember that!"This song sums up all of them and it hits me right in the feels.
My uncle was recently murdered and this was the first song I heard after his death. This holds such a huge meaning to me. I hadn't told him myself that I loved him. God I miss him
leo terbeek
Isn’t that the essential thing About your life. Just to be beloved at the end!
Maddi Johal-Smith
my dad died in february. i was sixteen at that point. this song makes me bawl like a baby. i miss him :,)
Cristiana Beatriz Da Silva Pinto
The Best 😍😍😍💙💙💙💜💜💜💛💛💛💚💚💚💘💘💘
ruchi chaunal
what is the instrument at 2:34?
Light Lorraine
See my children playing at your feet..
autumn bella
Crying my ass off, thank you !
Gnosis Reynold
Lyrics are wrong. It's shift a whisp of wayward silver hair not shift a whisper of where you sailed ahead. Please do proper research before making such videos