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John Coltrane - Blue train

Dodano: 2009-05-16

Wyświetleń: 12763130

Czas trwania: 10:44

Opis materiału John Coltrane - Blue train

                  John Coltrane playing the amazing Blue train                


Бот #57543
John Coltrane is legend
Elmi Kloosterhuis
last best forever
Zamira Karvani
I am the same, still waiting the train, but no problem, I am hearing the Johnn Coltrane and I feel good.
Jean-Jacques Grossi
Génial John Coltrane, lui aussi parti trop tôt mais ce qu'il nous a laissé a aidé tellement de musiciens à s’accomplir ! merci John !
im annonymous
Its funny im supposed to dig jazz , i love blues, even swing and i try to listen to the greats of this genere, theres few i truly love tho and i know who all these cats are , maybe theres something wrong with me lol.I grew up listening to radio, im just a sucker for a simple melody....this is anything but simple.Total respect tho
prole X
Back. Mozart. Beethoven. Schoenberg. Coltrane.
Plinio Sousa
Piano Sok Tau
Can anyone teach me how to create such 1/16 speed melodies?
Aleksandar Ristic
4:48 solo got out of control !!
Man this is the sh!t. Coltrane is the man!! Influenced generations in jazz. Amazing. thanks so much for this