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John Coltrane - Blue train

Dodano: 2009-05-16

Wyświetleń: 12957201

Czas trwania: 10:44

Opis materiału John Coltrane - Blue train

                  John Coltrane playing the amazing Blue train                


Power Killer
John coltrane porco dio
s p
Pretoria - Cape Town, the Origin
7:02 piano solo
james cox
this is how pure jazz sounds
Rosario Forino
Nathan G
Can't get over how phat Lee Morgan's sound is
niycomisti me
Miglior Store
Anyone wants to show the recordings Infos? From which album? Is this an alternative take?
Nicholas Wade
Gimme The Blues
blue sunflower
Somebody told me that he doesn't "get" jazz so he doesn't like it. What a caveman.I grew in a place where jazz isn't played so much anymore and im grateful for the movies that has jazz music in it cause now it gives me a peaceful escape even if it saddens me that there were jazz players in my country more than 50 years ago. Such beauty it has!