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Gay Acrobats Create Stunning Visual Art - THE ARROW [Love. Pride. Truth.]

Dodano: 2016-07-12

Wyświetleń: 1660502

Czas trwania: 04:36

Opis materiału Gay Acrobats Create Stunning Visual Art - THE ARROW [Love. Pride. Truth.]

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THE ARROW is a striking visual representation of a simple story - two male artists who fell in love. From the first time our eyes met, the our first embrace, to creating a bond and love that is unbreakable, this video is a metaphor to what it feels like to fall in love. We transformed our personal story into an exciting performance to send a powerful message. That we are proud of who we are, the love that we share, and that all love is equal.

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MUSIC - "Arrow" by The Irrepressibles - https://www.facebook.com/theirrepressibles
CREATION + CONCEPT - Matthew Richardson - https://www.facebook.com/circusspinner/
DIRECTOR - Damian Siqueiros - damiansiqueiros.com
EDITOR + ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Liliana Ortiz Casas - locandmac.com
CAMERAMAN + GAFFER - Camilo Chitiva Zamudio
SECOND CAMERA - Guillermo Castellanos                


Raymond Diaz
Gorgeous ❤️
คนเดินทางไกล บุญช่วย ศรีสะเกษ
It is beautiful dance with strong emotion, All love is equal .
Rhodnius Prolixus
Stunningly beautiful. A masterpiece...👏👏👏
Jhay Montales
❤❤❤😇😇😇 All love is Equal
moon yeol
Music, Choreography, Two handsome men, everything is perfect. It's a beautiful creation. 😍❤️👍
Jodi Arroyo
One of the most gorgeous art pieces I have seen in a long time. Thank you.😁😎👌😉
Сладкая Булочка
Кто от Калинкина?)
Cyndi Cleveland
Kathy Borthwick
Beautiful Art ✨❤️✨