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Dany Kole - Pictures (Deepjack Remix)

Dodano: 2015-09-24

Wyświetleń: 1871137

Czas trwania: 06:09

Opis materiału Dany Kole - Pictures (Deepjack Remix)

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►Dany Kole 

►Photo By Justin Swain

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Enci Eni
Sok sikert 2018♡♡♡
Nikol S.
YP Indigo
How come i know so few things about youyou're still a mysteryand now i feel how slow time is without youi miss our chemistryi wonder when and why we stopped dancingit stayed behind the scenesand when i sleep I’m seeking for the answersI fall deep inside your pictures on my mindmy body is burningnight time just can't hide your pictures from my mindas they keep returning
David Canez
SUPER, AWESOME, LOVE IT.Phoenix Arizona U.S.A. loves it
Selime Aleksandrova
reminds me of my king 😩
Dj ZmT
Dope track, I like this dudes voice (no homo). Kind of reminds of George Michael.
Hrusti i
чок бет браво :D
Sugar Baby
Can you cum during this song baby?
Emrah Iliev
Super mıxche
Vračarić Stefan
Awesome track! 💣👏