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Siddharta - My Dice

Dodano: 2007-08-03

Wyświetleń: 635390

Czas trwania: 03:29

Opis materiału Siddharta - My Dice

                  English version of Ring.
Written, directed and executed by Testtube.                


Jessica Hepe
\m/Metal Forever\m/
Songs like this slowly carved my way towards metal.Children of Bodom - BlooddrunkKalmah - Moon of my NightsBefore the Dawn - DisappearWolfheartand so on...
Matthew Micallef
the slovenian Breaking Benjamin
Ewa Ratajczak
Genialne 🖤
Mielu X
I'm still remember You Nice to met u again :)
Sebastian Vesp
Greetings from 2019.
Marta Galicka
When I was a kid ,for my birthday I got CD from my mum , and this song was on it. I didn't know a band name but Today I was find this song after many years! I can't believe I remember this .. I probably have a rock soul from always :)
Kosia Kowalewicz
Nadal jest moc 💪 po tylu latach nadal ma to coś ❤️
As a Slovenian, I feel kind of bad for those who can't enjoy/don't understand this song in its native language. It carries so much more emotion than in English. This is great, but it lost a lot of charm from the original.
Mateusz Sobczyński
Still great to listen almost in 2019 ;)