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Keaton Henson - You (lyrics on screen)

Dodano: 2013-12-21

Wyświetleń: 1604639

Czas trwania: 04:35

Opis materiału Keaton Henson - You (lyrics on screen)

                  audio taken from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2fCcggNkTs


jesse g
To my cousin. You were 21 fucking years old. 2 kids. It's been years. I fucking miss you.
Dance sukra
This song is deep
Alexandra Lopes
IDK why but the line "If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part" reminds me of "Lexa kom Trikru said you were strong but you're as weak as her. Your love has made you so." and "It's why you cry when you think of Lexa"
10 months after our first kid she decides to check out and experiment with a woman after 6 years. Having a child was something she wanted within the first year of our relationship. We tried and tried. You know who was there for every negative pregnancy test? I was. You know who held her when she had a miscarriage? I did. You know who helped her rekindle a relationship with her dad she had not talked to in a year and a half or two years? I did. You know who always wanted the best for her and tried to help her not continue to destroy her relationships? I did. I wasn't perfect. But I thought all I did would have counted for something in the end. In the end though, her reason for leaving is she was not "Happy". So she checked out and replaced me with someone else. Me? 6 months later and I've done something I said I would never do probably about 4 times now. That was try and get someone back who left me. Each time was more desperate than the next. I get to see my Son everyday and I'm so grateful for that. I just wish I could just be happy that she's not trying to take him away from me. But I just can't shake the hurt. She checked out within the first month. I'm 6 months in and I'm drinking every night and a nuisance to her. 6 years might as well of been 6 months and I'm just the crazy guy that got attached to fast. In the beginning she was very sympathetic of what she was doing to me. Now I'm just an inconvenience to deal with.
Sam Sule
wow bless those artists who craft meaningful work like this
Tereza Radová
i went full crying on this one, and i know that maybe for some people i can overreact but this is one of the few bestest songs I've ever heard in my life...
Ashley marie
This song definitely gets you thinkimg abt life!!!
BTS 7 Smiles
2019?! Thumbs up.
Tiny Salamander
It's fun listening to this song, and not being able to cry.
Mim Lord
bu sarki sey boyle counrty side bir yerdesin ve aksam uzeri ağustos yerini eylule birakiyor ikindi vakti hava ilik uzerinde yazlik bir elbise var. Tahta bir evin gicirdayan verandasindan iniyorsun boyle ruzgar saclarini ve bacaklarinin etrafindaki otlari savuruyor ve gogus kafesindeki boslugu hissediyorsun