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Opis materiału Red Velvet - Be Natural ft. Taeyong [English Subs + Romanization + Hangul] Picture + Color Coded HD

                  Artist: Red Velvet ft.Taeyong
Single: Be Natural

-Color Code-
Pink: Irene
Orange: Seulgi
Blue: Wendy
Green: Joy
Purple: Taeyong
Black: Irene/Seulgi/Wendy/Joy

Korean: music.daum
Rom: colorcodedlyrics
Eng: popgasa

Credits to rightful owners

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Arianne CC
Every time I hear this song, happens 2 things1. I feel classy and hoe which is amazing..2. Haechan's voice saying "bO0minG SysteM uH Uh TY TRack tY traCk"come to my mind xd
Cassou Cassou
C'est nul. Non je rigole. Ça tue.
Solana Skye Kinchen
2:12 holy shit seulgi marry me
Ilina Chiriac
I can’t believe how beautiful their voices are and how well trained and how gifted they all are, like this was their debut year and they sound like this
that’s not cute wendy
“Yeri didn’t get plastic surgery”smh explain this
C video
Taeyong is a RV member that is then move to NCT because Yeri took his place?(sorry for my bad english):(
true reveluvs will understand the pain when taeyong left red velvet to become a member of nct 😤😤
Yeri looks so different in this
Boo pie
Yeri’s hair looked so cute short! 💙💜❤️