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Yes - Yours is No Disgrace

Dodano: 2008-08-31

Wyświetleń: 271441

Czas trwania: 09:42

Opis materiału Yes - Yours is No Disgrace

                  Track 01 from Yes' third album, the Yes Album, released in 1971.  The Yes Album is in my personal top 10 of all time.                


Gary McBride
Squires bass , and howes guitar , these guys are on a level that's unparalleled in the prog rock universe. Can't be touched by any musicians today or ever. A lyrical masterpiece for the ages! E.T. phoned home and said leave me on planet earth .I'm listening to the "YES" album
Gerwyn Evans
Bloody hell! I bought this 48 years ago. Argh!
us and them
The Yes Album released ‎19 February 1971I was 16 when I first heard this, love it still @ 64 :O)
Wyatt Mann
Did ever a bunch of session musicians gell?... YES, this is it.
Wyatt Mann
Mike Reiss...68 disgracefull wankers now....
Limerick Limejuice
one of the best albums ever....waaaaaaaaaaayyyy ahead of Bands in their time.....even now!!!
michael ward
Bottom line. Lovely stuff. Aren't we lucky..?? !!
James Spingola
Beautiful music inspired by pure Genius.
Pepe Luguillo
Esta canción tiene un aire a los Beatles!
David Foster