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LIVE Jamie-Lee - Ghost (Germany) at the of the Grand Final 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Dodano: 2016-05-14

Wyświetleń: 1242150

Czas trwania: 03:09

Opis materiału LIVE Jamie-Lee - Ghost (Germany) at the of the Grand Final 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

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Jamie-Lee represents Germany at the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with the song Ghost                


nimei aliu
My top 3 from Spain
Eurovision Buddies
So underrated. This could even end up in the top 10. Love to Jamie-Lee <3
This is actually beautiful once you just listen to it. Jamie-Lee paid the price for her costume and touches of Japanese culture which didn't fit with the song. If she would focus on creating something dark, scary, creepy and/or intriguing, it would be on the left side of the scoreboard. As it was, it was doomed from the start.
Who hears this song now?)
Raph ESC Covers
Robbed just because it's GermanyIf sweden sends this song it will be different
Raph ESC Covers
I don't understand why this placed 26thGood voiceThe song is not badHer outfit is originalThe staging is not bad
dzeno rzv
After so many years I hear this song on Radio Stations allover Europe. That's a success, the place is so irrelevant.
ESC Norway
Why Europe? 2015, 2016 last place?
Jorge García
3 years after I looove this song!
nejsoucnem // LaVoixCZ
tell me who's gay now?