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Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over You

Dodano: 2013-02-22

Wyświetleń: 62583705

Czas trwania: 03:57

Opis materiału Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over You

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Music video by Carly Rae Jepsen performing Tonight I'm Getting Over You. 
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Please reas this if you care. I just think it will help if i talk about it.So my guy bestfriend and i are always with eachother and a few of our other friends and i had no clue but i discovered like 2 weeks ago i have feelings for him and some of our friends told him. And we still talked like normal but he said he likes me but wont do anything bc his bestfriend likes me and he doesnt wanna do that. Fast forward a week and me him and his bestfriends were on facetime and his bestfriend said he didnt like me any more and then asked if i still like brad (thats not his real name but were just gonna say that) and i said yeah bc it didn't look like brad was in his room. Then his bestfriend chad (again not real name) was going on about how brad wouldnt date me and stuff and me being me just turns my pain into jokes so was just like of course not bc im a potatoe. But apparently brad was in his room the whole time and texted me when we were on face time saying that doesnt know if he would date me (meaning he was thinking about it) the next day our friend katie (not real name but still) (shes a popular girl and brads a popular boy but for some reason im best friends with both of them) told brad she likes him (brad has had an on and off crush on katie but we all thought it was actually away this time) so now brad likes her again. And there was a football game that night that we all always go to so we did and me and brad were texting but je was just saying how katie should be up there sitting next to him (she was sitting next to me on the riser below brad and chad) then me and my friends Kaylee and karla (not real names) got back to karlas house and brad facetimed us like he always does at that time of night and i thought we were just gonna be our selfs and good around like always but then katie joined and brad couldnt stop using code things to me talking about her ( mind you he knows i like him but he doesnt know its hurting me bc i take all my pain and make it into jokes or i dont mind my feelings and let other people be happy) after a while katie left the facetime and it was me and brad. He was asking me stuff about what he should do with the katie thing bc were litteraly the best of bestfriends and i just told him to ask her out and hes really thinking about it. Today we went to the basketball court with a few other friends and katie shows up (katies still one of my good friends but all her and brad do is flirt and me and a few of my friends can see its weird and un comfortable) but brad was being himself and messing around with us like usual till she showed up. I really hate it and its just killing me how much i love that kid but he loves her. He hasnt asked her out yet that i know of but i feel like something might happen by the end of the night but as soon as i got home all i did was cry then found this song and im really gonna try but i doubt it will work. I'll up date everyone who decided to read this. Thank you❤😭Update: i didnt get over him bc we ended up face timing all night like usual
Andrew Arcilla
2019 nostalgia
Johare Kalilangan
2019 anyone?
Linda 82
😭 this reminds me of someone I fell in love with
movie MaNiaC
I luv u crj🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Franky Novotny
I had a crappy break up and this song was playing in the gay club and it was just perfect to dance to alone in all the smoke and lights! Never forget that feeling!
Alicia Jordan Cornelius
2019 <3
หนึ่ง นะคร้าฟ
Becky Stephenson
If you think breakup are hard try loving your best friend that you have known for years to find out he feels the same then two weeks later he cant be in a relationship has he dosent want to lose the frendship the 3 months later he dosent talk to you at all for like a year and you still tell him how you feel and he says he dosent know if he can trust you