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We Are The Champions, Queen (The London Symphony Orchestra's cover)

Dodano: 2009-08-02

Wyświetleń: 489730

Czas trwania: 03:06

Opis materiału We Are The Champions, Queen (The London Symphony Orchestra's cover)



Capt gaming stark
Farewell freddie mercury
Francisco Eduardo Diaz Sanchez
Exelencia musical
Gamingwith Rome
I miss freedie mercury :(
Leos Technik Kanal
Well most of the people come from piemations , I come from vwestlifes dolby S video ....Casettes !!!
Leonardo Barba
I typed "piemations" in youtube, and I still don´t get it. :/
Sterbeen !
too beautiful for this world
I hate these in-between adaptions. It's just a soft rock version with added orchestra. If they are going to go orchestral, they need to go full orchestral a la Jaz Coleman's Led Zepelin arrangements.
Nazi Party
Waffle Tron
Animations..... that’s what I do.....You seem to like themBut I think there poo...And all the views..There quite a few :o...I don’t know WHY I’m SO popularWHAT THE FUCK DID I DOOO!!!!!Daaa da da daaaaaa daa, daaa daa da...Daaaaa da daaa da da... da da da..Daaa daaa daaa da daaa...DAAA DAAA DAA DA DAAAEEEEEE.....