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Kygo - Piano Jam For Studying and Sleeping[1 HOUR] [2019]

Dodano: 2018-02-16

Wyświetleń: 2195346

Czas trwania: 01:01:30

Opis materiału Kygo - Piano Jam For Studying and Sleeping[1 HOUR] [2019]

                  Play it on Repeat.🔁
Masterpiece from the one and only Kygo.🌟
Kygo - Piano Jam 1-2-3🎵


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For people on a computer who want to put this on repeat (I know you do), right click on the video and hit LOOP. Enjoy :)
not here
master peicejust love itbutifull o-o BROVO BROVO!
I don't think the words "studying" and "sleeping" should ever be used in one sentence together, let alone be a title for a youtube video LOL love the music tho!
Pawan Nirpal
Well I'd say it's more like sleeping while trying to study , but this has amazing vibes loved it.
Can somebody tell me wich songs are played here please? Q Q
Alexey Safonov
I like to listen to this music when I'm studying
Ksenija Nazarova
Absolutely gorgeous, in fact too gorgeous to concentrate as all you want to do is listen to it non-stop!
Josh McCann
it's nice but it's only 20 min in and it's already been repeating
Shar Goodwin
what was that first one??? so in love with it. Trying to find it on spotify
Song List?