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Michael Jackson- We've Had Enough HQ (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2011-09-17

Wyświetleń: 160882

Czas trwania: 05:48

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                  Lyrics for Michael Jackson's We've Had Enough
One of the many songs by MJ that carries a truly powerful message.
So please open up your heart and ears..sit back and really LISTEN! 

*There might be errors on the lyrics so please do correct me..! =D
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Any request for a lyric video please feel free to leave a message! :))

Much L.O.V.E                


I love this song ♥️ This song is so underrated. I love you Michael and I miss you 😭♥️ #mjinnocent
geraline lim
This is one reason why we love you Michael. A great man behind his songs.
Jocelyn Starks
This song oh my god😔
Alex Raindell
I felt this shit. Everyone's too damn scared to do anything. They are ruining us.
pamela bellucci
Che voce!!! Ineguagliabile ❤️👍🏼
Bridget lee
Powerful message love you MJ.😓💦💦💘
Bettie Kenney
What a powerful song by mj
السلطانه هيام
Oddezza Aquino
just feel the music and feel the lyrics through your hearts and so you will know the song is came from his heart and there's meaning...
Elena Serrano
If people stop listen to Michael songs they would know he was about love, ☮️ and good in him ,he just gave a little piece of himself throw his music every time and yet people crucify him for something he didn't do . Shame on those people put him down shame those that took his life . Michael a human being wanted make a different in the world, and shame of the people that took advantage of taking his money and his belonging. God sees everything you done .(his Innocent)