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07. Waltz In Sorrow OST 차칸남자 FULL

Dodano: 2012-10-28

Wyświetleń: 245166

Czas trwania: 02:51

Opis materiału 07. Waltz In Sorrow OST 차칸남자 FULL

                  NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All right belongs to KBS and LOENENT
OST Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Part 4
Date released: 24.10.12
01. 사랑은 눈꽃처럼 -- XIA(준수)
02. 착한 여자 -- 이수영
03. 좋은 사람입니다 -- 조은
04. Lonely
05. 재희와 마루 (with Empty Heart & Change)
06. Bueno Hombre
07. Waltz in sorrow
08. 은기와 마루 (with late Autumn)
09. Melancholy
10. Blue Moon
11. 은기 (with Magnolia)
12. Late Autumn
13. Empty Heart
14. Broken Heart
15. Water Lily
16. Magnolia                


너무 슬퍼
Thanks So Much!!!I like this song very much!!!
🌼🌸2019.7.21…… miss J.K………🌼💮…💮🌸🌼💮🌼💮🌸💮🌼💮🌼🌼🌸💮💮💮🌼💮🌸💮🌼💮🌸💮🌼💮🌸💮🌸💮🌼💮🌸💮🌼🌸💮🌼💮🌼💮🌼💮🌸💮🌼…😍😍…💖
Hải Đăng
Luca toni đưa mik tới đây
Oasis bbh.
Xue ve Zeus'un şarkısı bu. 24/01/2019 . Onlay şok aşıyk
Joshua Jayrous
REALLY i appreciate this i love it whenever i listen to it i feel like i am bathing hot water
Timothy Edward
Didn’t watch the drama yet... but this peace is amazing....
whenever i feel lonely this instrumental ost heals it and it’s been 3 years i am listening to it alteast in a week
My favourite drama ✨This drama was fantastic 💎
Chocomii Mi
Every year i watch this drama again listen it's ost again , i just can't forget this vibes , each moment seem like engraved in my heart