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Genesis - White Mountain

Dodano: 2011-03-09

Wyświetleń: 95561

Czas trwania: 06:45

Opis materiału Genesis - White Mountain



Stephen Lisson
I love the beginning of this great song. The build up is amazing.
S. Rathgeber
What a Storytelling. Progrock could have ended here and would still be the most powerful style ever.
stephen ellis
Hail Genesis, Genesis Hail.
Mayer More
Who are the 9 idiots that gave it thumbs down?
Stephen Lisson
Tony's keyboards on this great track are magnificent. GOD!!!!!!!! he was great.
Miyuki Shijisha
REAL Genesis.
Juanjo Viadero
Genesis son los Mozart del siglo XX. Algún dia se les reconocerá su increíble e infinito talento. Gracias, Genesis.
Dale Baker
A great album, and they were only 19/20. Pretty damn amazing I would say.
Prestige Worldwide
This sounds like Kevin from F is for Family
william summers
The early Genesis albums like 70s Pink Floyd albums have their own personality and characteristics phenomenal...music will never be the same again