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Genesis - White Mountain

Dodano: 2011-03-09

Wyświetleń: 84695

Czas trwania: 06:45

Opis materiału Genesis - White Mountain



william summers
The early Genesis albums like 70s Pink Floyd albums have their own personality and characteristics phenomenal...music will never be the same again
Deku Scrub
How the fuck did they go from this to the 80's era of pop, Phil what on Earth did you do...
Woody n’ Sidecar Dog
Best wolf song ever. Love the reprise at the end. Twelve string, midevil chorus, and some fuzzy organ sound? Perfection.
McGrath 79
one of their best songs.
This album seems to be mixed and mastered much better than their first.
THIS is GENESIS !!True genesis sound...
What a lovely song.....Magic !
Italian Tiramisu
This would be a great Steel Ball Run ending.Also, this is my favorite song of all time
Masterchief 1
Was für ein Glücksfall für den geneigten Musik-Liebhaber solch eine geniale Band hören zu dürfen.Manche Ihrer Songs scheinen nicht von dieser Welt zu sein.Einzigartig.
afshin zand
Fang wasn’t alone, they were 7 other foxes with him......Counted the thumb downs!😉....This song shows how these amazing musicians discovered new combinations of more than one twelve string guitars, organ, flute, drums,... playing fascinating melodies and chords, along with wonderful lyrics.This music worked like a pain killer through out my tough life!Mesmerizing, contemplating, taking trips to undiscovered spaces of our human soul,....Thanks to Genesis and thanks for sharing!