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KEiiNO - Shallow (official lyric video)

Dodano: 2019-04-26

Wyświetleń: 466828

Czas trwania: 04:07

Opis materiału KEiiNO - Shallow (official lyric video)

                  Norway's ESC canditate KEiiNO's tribute to Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper. Now with joik.

Stream the song here: https://ampl.ink/W4Dbo
Video by Eduardo Lobo                


Mister Bramus
Очень нравиться их творчество ! Привет из России ! желаю вам успехов и процветания ! надеюсь когда -нибудь попаду на ваш концерт !Jeg liker deres arbeid ! Hilsen fra Russland ! Jeg ønsker deg suksess og velstand ! Jeg håper en dag du vil komme på konsert !I really like their work ! Greetings from Russia ! I wish you success and prosperity ! I hope someday you will get to your concert !
Jakob Fjørtoft
Min nye favoritt sang
רותם עומר
Berit Nordby
Am ph an.
Please I need more songs
I love the rhythm to this! Exact type of music I'd create if I knew how... You were awesome at Eurovision and should have won!
ryan paul
I play this in the car and play it loud! Imagine if this was in Eurovision. Mind blown
My Piano Music
I'm admitting, I like this way more then Lady Gaga's
Rachel Disk
Norway: Hello????: Yes, this is the Eurovision's audience.Norway: Oh, how are you doing?Audience: As usual, pissed at the scores although we like the winner.Norway: Thought so.Audience: Anywho, we'd like you to bring KEiiNO back to Eurovision 2020.Norway: I don't know about that...Audience: What's wrong? Russia did it, North Macedonia did it, San Marino did it.Norway: Do we have to?Audience: YES, AND NO IS NOT AN OPTION!
TheFlashGamer06 _
i'm italian and i love you! Please come in Italy!