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Black Hill & heklAa - Rivers & Shores [Full Album]

Dodano: 2016-05-04

Wyświetleń: 765507

Czas trwania: 38:41

Opis materiału Black Hill & heklAa - Rivers & Shores [Full Album]

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Artist: Black Hill & heklAa (Hungary & France)
Album: Rivers & Shores (2016)

1. Black Hill – Yamuna 00:00
2. heklAa – Yamuna 2:37
3. Black Hill – Alphée 4:58
4. heklAa – Alphée 7:38
5. Black Hill – Eo 10:50
6. heklAa – Eo 12:56
7. Black Hill – Arros 15:54
8. heklAa – Arros 18:05
9. Black Hill – Blackalven 21:01
10. heklAa – Blackalven 22:36
11. Black Hill – Eden 24:39
12. heklAa – Eden 26:23
13. Black Hill – Mu 28:20
14. heklAa – Mu 30:27
15. Black Hill – Olarabel 32:28
16. heklAa – Olarabel 34:52                


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danny harrity
Things brings out a very necessary but painful feeling out from deep within me. Much of what I’ve been holding on to that needs to go
Derek Van Tonder
I know this is post-rock but damn the piano on this is incredible. Truly uplifting. Like something form a Studio Ghibli film
Turamed Arabia
Great sound after a hard day. Chill zone 100%
sam b
Sounds of the soul, thank you ❤️
duallist _
feels & chills
Marco Necci
heklAa – Eo. I'm sure I heard this as a soundtrack of something, but I cannot quite remember of what
Назар Хрищук
Wow... I was searching some atmospheric music to read. I've found this one, sat on my bed, open the book... and after few minutes my thouts gone far away to the hills of memories of my life. I was thinking about how full of real life my life is. How and with who I spend my limited time on this planet. Do I live for something, or just being? Do my experience worth to be shown from the end to begining before my eyes when I will dying? Do I do the things that really matter?
My Brother killed himself listening to this a few days ago... I think That here he found the relief he Was looking for...
I think I just fell in love.