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CHARLIE G - Love Plays Tricks (1987)

Dodano: 2009-07-15

Wyświetleń: 47434

Czas trwania: 05:31

Opis materiału CHARLIE G - Love Plays Tricks (1987)

                  Side B of the famous Llama L'amor                


Humberto Rivera
Buen disco
Fancy himself singing,clearly.
Matias Stardust
ELECTRO POP foreverDiscazzo
this is fabulous - seriously, a "B" side ? So so catchy, excellent production - it's the perfect song for me , i love this to death !!
eugene santos
Humberto buen tema del sur Olivera
que buen disco con charlie G
Nicol Šimara
****Italo Disco 80S Best Music Fancy*******
Nicol Šimara
****Beantiful Song 80S Best Music Fancy Italo Disco *******
i love italo disco me encanta esta musica estoy por eenarsela a alguien muy especialllllllllllllll
i love this track, i would love to see a remix and perhaps a speed mix, love it