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Boxing Defense Position for Maximum Coverage | Peekaboo and Philly Shell

Dodano: 2019-02-16

Wyświetleń: 194936

Czas trwania: 07:54

Opis materiału Boxing Defense Position for Maximum Coverage | Peekaboo and Philly Shell

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Mike Vokes
You can tell Nate has never fought . Also would never be able to take shots
B Hook
You guys have Dutch ancestors??
Best video I've seen on the topic
Alex Ong
Thank you so much , I've been trying to incorporate both the peekaboo style as my offensive style and the Philly shell as my main defense , much appreciated
Alrssam Alhzeen
Very good
Asterisks x Gaming
I used the first gaurd he presented and held vicious bodyshots due to my elbows being out. Tuck your chin and keep your elbows in when using that gaurd best way.
Terry Roberts
Awesome video great tips on things
Jordan Yang
Excellent advice. Going to use this in my next sparring session.
Jerome Lee
It‘s a really good teaching, even My English is not so good 😉
Erlon Ebenézer
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