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Silent Island - Stormvalley (2018) (New Full Album)

Dodano: 2018-09-04

Wyświetleń: 227397

Czas trwania: 32:21

Opis materiału Silent Island - Stormvalley (2018) (New Full Album)

                  Silent Island is brought you by the creators of Black Hill, musicformessier, Realm of wolves and Ephilexia.

Stormvalley (2018)

1. Let the dove fly home: 00:00 
2. Deer Valley: 04:00 
3. River tale: 08:24 
4. Through the Buffalo Plain: 13:46 
5. Stormhunter: 17:27 
6. Violet horizon: 21:37 
7. Admiring the last dawn: 26:47

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Not sure if it's an influence, but if you like this, go listen to Buckethead Monument Valley.
T Zeno
anyone knows the chords to 2:12?
Kiwi Korea
fantastic cover art
Stefan Jr
Please, please, please Silent Island. Release Stormvalley on CD! :)
Полин Крыж
Спасибо, самая лучшая музыка для учёбы)
minhtra nguyen
I'm silent for sins. Then, storms still alive.
thena marie
Don't know why but 4:31 reminds me of Silent Hill
Jpeezy Patterson
if this sounds this good on a laptop speaker, i cant even imagine how good it would sound on some heavyweight vinyl. hint,hint
Emanuele Brignone