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arctic monkeys // i wanna be yours lyrics

Dodano: 2018-04-21

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I want to hear your love stories soooo comment below. :)
dam witch
15 likes and i'll tell chocolate fudge brownies, my best friend, that we're 911% compatible
Zero Delcorito
Well I've got a cringy story it's was about my first girlfriend so this was like back in 10th grade and we went to this trip to a museum on airships. So I get assigned to a seat in the front not knowing who I got so it was a girl who sat by me and she's not your type where she's attractive but hell I didn't really care. I've never really talked to her or knew her but I guess she's been there and i feel bad I didn't notice her because I knew everyone. I ended up talking to her along the way since it was like 156 miles away but she was very interesting. But anyway we get to the museum but seeing all my friends partnered up I saw her in the corner still alone. As any cheesy love story I walked over to her and asked to be her partner. The Day went on until we went outside talking more getting to know eachother. We goofed off until she tried to get a good look at a plane but my dumbass didn't know how to talk to girls or be like infront if them at the time so I picked her up just to joke around but she got embarrassed and shy infront of me so I decided to play it off. We kept giving Akward eye contact but I tried to make it up to her by acting goofy and stuff. The Day ended and we head back to the bus getting back in our seat but this time she sat on the inside and I sat on the out seat.( The next part is cheesy asf) The bus made a quick turn all of a sudden soooo I saw my chance at being cheesy and "pretended" that I slipped my arm around her. I was surprised she let it happen she gave a cute smile and looked away I think she was blushing like hell but we make our next stop to Burger King. Honestly I kinda saw this as our first date but ima dumbass so :p. We both ordered our food and the only table left was a two seater right across from each other so it was kinda hard not to look at her but she was cute in my eyes. When we finished we head back on the bus but I asked of I could keep my arm around her. She smiled and nodded honestly that was the happiest day of my life she was my first and I was hers as well. It didn't last very long though.. A school rumor said I was cheating on her but I wasn't.. I still miss her but hell my life hasn't been always good for me
Jessica Hewitt
I have a story. It’s not a love story but we’re we’re in love. (I’m sorry if it’s crossed out, just read through it. )In year 7 (6th grade) I had a crush on this boy, mason, and I asked this boy in my tutor, Phoenix - he was masons friend to help me get with him. Mason didn’t like me. I eventually got over mason and then I liked another boy called tyrelle. I also asked Phoenix to help. I finally got over tyrelle cause he didn’t like me either and he got a gf. In year 8 (7th grade) Phoenix told me he liked me. Even when I liked mason and tyrelle. He was going to shoot his shot but got heartbroken when he found out I liked tyrelle. One day in tutor he told me he liked me. He asked me out. I had to think. I said yes. We linked (get to know each other) and then he asked me out for real. - 8th feb 2019we got together. A few weeks past and I broke up with him. Not surely but after a few weeks we got talking again and go back together. - 27th feb 2019We made amazing memories. Ice skating, Drayton manor, kaspas- dessert place, making out in the rain, going to the park, writing out name on the tree in a heart.... and many more. 7 months and 3 days past. He broke up with me on the 30th September 2019. I asked him why and he said he was loosing feelings and because of his mental health. We got back together on the 3rd Oct but I knew it wasn’t going to last very long. He broke up with me again on the 10th October and that was it. It’s now Wednesday 13th November 2019. It’s been a month and a little bit and he already has a girlfriend. They got together on the sat 9th November. 7 months of memories down the fucking drain. I balled my eyes out. We also go to the same school and I always see them walking down the hall holding hands and hugging. It angers me. It upsets me. As long as their happy but I feel like he’s trying to make me jealous. If that is what he wants, he has. We’re not aloud to get back together cause of our parents as well. I told his mum about what happend. She and him came around my house and apologised.Before he got with his new gf he said he was going to block me. I asked why. U wanna know what he said, I FUCKING CHEATED! BITCH. sorry for my language but still. I loved him with all my heart and I would never do such a thing. And because I told his mum what happend, I now get called a snitch. He’s changed and know idk who this person is.I don’t know where my mindset is right now. Just thought I would share my story. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.😂
Marty Mcfly
So, I met this one handsome guy a few nights back! We're really hitting it off!. I think he's really into me! We've been talking back and fourth in the mirror ever since!
Esqueleto matador de otaku
So... There is maybe a small chance that my best friend likes me, she is acting so strange around me, she just smiles, we talk alot even in classes and we stay until midnight talking, i think it is just friendship, of course is friendship there is no reason she would star liking me now
Esqueleto matador de otaku
A question, we just have gay people in the coments? Just kiding
princess amanda
Romane Vincent
3 years that I am on this manIt evolved from nothing and butterflies in my belly to a deep relashionship and a burning loveBut even if we are the best friends in the hole world and a couple he isn't sure if he loves me... I am still here waiting for him to finally tell me he loves me and wants to be with me for the rest of his life
sophie moon heart
I don't have ex lovers..but now I'm sitting over my window and imitating...someone who deserves this lyrics...