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The L|ar & H|s Lover -- you're my best friend

Dodano: 2014-07-19

Wyświetleń: 208523

Czas trwania: 03:35

Opis materiału The L|ar & H|s Lover -- you're my best friend

                  • [HD; 720p] FOR BEST QUALITY


first off i would like to thank https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb28... for introducing me to this amazing movie!!! & go check out her vid on it it is absolutely breath taking http://youtu.be/UaSGaFAYqno

I just love Japanese movies/dramas there just something special about them. They love to hit on core values.. families, friendships, relationships. They have some of the most touching and beautiful movies. On a plus on this one i'm a big Sato Takeru fan, he is absolutely amazing in movies and dramas and his acting blew me away in this movie!


• Movie/Show:
• Song: http://youtu.be/LI1lRp2HTYA
• TWITTER: https://twitter.com/greeneyedcajun
• TUMBLR: http://sunflowers-chardonnay.tumblr.com/                


no name secret
Uhmm,, why i see sato always look like psyco, , ??
nice song
Rudra Shiva
Cute expression . .wow . 👍
Nosomi Tamaru
Nur Rismawati
Always love you my fave actor
Zabdiel Yguinto
I totally love the movie!! the new Kdrama version too. I mean I liked the fact that the korean one explains a lot and broadens the plot. But I love the movie more. It was understandable and simple. The chemistry of the main characters was sooooo 😍😍😍😍😍
Grace Sarah Oktovina
They must be couple in real life
Thao Nguyen Nguyen
sorry, what is this song's name ?
bella película,me gusto.
mercy boller
i super duper love this movie..wishing for part II...:)