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Judas Priest - (1978) Killing Machine *Full Album*

Dodano: 2016-03-17

Wyświetleń: 559676

Czas trwania: 38:36

Opis materiału Judas Priest - (1978) Killing Machine *Full Album*

                  I do not own copyright on any of the content of this video (music, pictures, etc.). This video was made for entertainment only and not for personal gain. 

01 Delivering the Goods 0:00
02 Rock Forever 4:17
03 Evening Star 7:38
04 Hell Bent for Leather 11:43
05 Take On the World 14:24
06 Burnin' Up 17:32
07 The Green Manalishi 21:33
08 Killing Machine 24:57
09 Running Wild 27:58
10 Before the Dawn 30:57
11 Evil Fantasies 34:21                


Use to play this gem with my diamond audio speakers my ppi amps and my jl audio sealed 10:s full power in my old monte carlo.i think the priest would approve of this behavior!!
If I have a choice of 69 with the old lady or cranking up the priest and rubbing 1 off.im going with the j.p.
Gimme your best cut off this and stained class? I'm goin with the saints in hell and burning up. Notable mentions the ripper the sinner the grinder. White heat, heros end, aggressor dissident style and that guru they call the green mantis. Aka mr manalishi
Ever played this so loud u lost ur vision ur ballsack and ur sense of smell??after that u just go by the vibrations
Alexandr Shlagbaum
Отличный альбом . В свое время впервые его услышал по голосу америки .
John Bush
Got to see priest for the first time on redeemer of souls tour,been a fan for over 35 years. I told my wife if they played my favorite song I could die happy, 3rd song in they played it best song ever written victim of changes and I was 5 rows from the stages in simpsonville,s.c. thank you priest for coming to a small town for your fans
Peter Sumpter
Brilliant grew up with this music Judas priest 70's early 80's big fan 🤘🏻🤘🤟
Captain Dallas
Evening Star, a great sing-along hard rocker!
Chrisoïdman 69
Stained class et Killing Machine ont marqué ma jeunesse ... Et Rob, quelle voix dans cet album !! ... à mon avis le summum :)... C'mon Evil Fantasieeeees !