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Adele - Hello (Andie Case Cover)

Dodano: 2015-11-12

Wyświetleń: 3315900

Czas trwania: 04:51

Opis materiału Adele - Hello (Andie Case Cover)

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Andie Case cover of "Hello" by Adele

Audio produced by Naphtali Smith
Arrangement by Andie Case, Ajay Marshall & Naphtali Smith
Recorded & Engineered by Naphtali Smith
Mixed & Mastered by Naphtali Smith
Video production by J.T Ibanez 
Video Edited by J.T Ibanez & Ajay Marshall
Video production assistant: Erik Johnson & Ajay Marshall
Shoot location: Erik's living room



Andie Case - https://www.twitter.com/andiecase
Ajay Marshall - https://twitter.com/ajaymarshall
Naphtali Smith - https://twitter.com/naph70

Andie Case - https://www.Instagram.com/andiecase
Ajay Marshall - http://instagram.com/ajaymarshall
Naphtali Smith - http://instagram.com/naph_benjamin                


chris boyd
I just wanted to say out of all the YouTubeers who do covers YOU are One of the best I've heard in a while your vocal control is amazing you don't try to over sing if I had to make a comparison you remind me of a Amy Winehouse keep it going
Ronald Jolley
Always gate I got chills right now trying to hold back tears cause all I want to do is play and I have about have gave up
I love the passion from all of them
Vinod Tiwari
Jameson Short
If it's not your teeth or hair that's perfect it's your eyes. Lights show greatness
Penny Silvey
We know that you can sing OTHER people’s songs but what about yours? Do you have anything original? Something you have written? I’d like to hear YOUR stuff.
Sandra Ralph
your voice is so beautiful and powerful there is no doubt your gonna be big....all anyone with common sense has to do is just listen to the magic that is andie case!
Megan Dodd
You should do cover a incubus song
Megan Dodd
Kind starts out like 'wish you were here' by incubus
i am anieya
very nice & strong voice. 👍 i really also like her version cover of i think i'm in love by kat dahlia. LSS.