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Soundtrack - Washington Square by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek

Dodano: 2014-08-31

Wyświetleń: 31791

Czas trwania: 38:13

Opis materiału Soundtrack - Washington Square by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek

                  A fine film of a wonderful "little" book.  I think the music here is tremendous and I hope you enjoy it as well!

1. Washington Square
2. Catherine In The Window
3. Catherine And Morris
4. First Kiss
5. 'That Must Be Love'
6. Lavinia
7. 'No' To Morris
8. 'No' To Catherine
9. Catherine And The Mirror
10. Catherine's Nocturne
11. Romance Quartet
12. Please Wait for Me
13. L'absence
14. Lavinia And Morris
15. The Alps
16. Reunion
17. Unfinished Nocturne
18. Despair
19. Lullaby
20. Father Is Dying
21. The Tale Of The String
22. Please Don't Come Here Again
23. The End Credits
24. L'Absence Again                


Karen Morris
Thank you so much for uploading this, after watching the movie have been hunting all over for it.
Luísa Barros
Really beautiful soundtrack, loved the film! Thanks a lot for sharing! :-D
Lizzy Darcy
The ending of this movie is ironic
Lizzy Darcy
Its easy to be swept by false feelings - to be deceived. But the question is everything else become unreal even if you felt it?
Angel CityGirl
3:17. So lovely.
Marianna Cerchi
Gracias! Hermosa la recopilación musical de tan hermosa pelicula!
so beautiful
nasrin bird
we hear music everyday, everywhere, but there is only one kind of music that hunts you right through your heart, the one that is pure art, objective art; which when comes in contact to anyone, it leaves it's mark profoundly regardless of its particular message. you love it because it connects to the deeper levels of our being. it awakens something bizarre,mystic,deeply rooted to our emotional centre, to the unknown, and you can't forget it or deny its power over the soul.
Morskaja Otsillag
....thanks for posting!!!! Today i saw the first time this film . Beautiful and sad story but the music so strongly and full of meanig.....sorry for my bad english !!!!