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PAPAJI - Enlightenment Here and Now

Dodano: 2018-09-18

Wyświetleń: 32630

Czas trwania: 07:59

Opis materiału PAPAJI - Enlightenment Here and Now

                  In this video from 7th March 1994 Papaji replies the question, "Can I be enlightenment now? And how?

Papaji: Address to the now, "How can I be enlightened?" Not to the past, future, present even. Direct your face to Now and wait for the answer. Don't make any effort and don't think either. In between, ask the question. 

Q: The question disappears.

Q: How can I have it when I am not in front of you?
Papaji: Once you come in front of me, I will always be in front of you. 

Videos, Cds and Books of Papaji are available in India at Papaji Satsang Bhavan: http://www.satsangbhavan.net/ and US and rest of the world at Papaji Avadhuta Foundation: http://avadhuta.com/                


I often dream about you papaji .. I love and I miss you ❤️💕
It's always just now.
Shekhar Singh
one of the greatest gem ever born...even if u r not spiritual, his videos r so entertaining and filled with knowledge
I like him fine. But this was not very useful, tbh.
Come on... The guy did not realize himself, and I bet most of these so called "instant enlightenment" are not real permanent realizations!! Sure Papaji is a great true master but most of his disciples just did not "get" it. Lets be honest about it.
If you want to be enlightened NOW, then drop your attachment to enlightenment. :)
Denis Letunov
We are all enlightenment already it’s just a mind is fooling us sometimes))
This is a life changing teaching of reality. LOL
Freddy Staelens
Forget about the past, so you have no clue who this guy is. You think he is funny?