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Thirty Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge (Official Music Video)

Dodano: 2010-09-23

Wyświetleń: 98580552

Czas trwania: 06:23

Opis materiału Thirty Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge (Official Music Video)


Music video by Thirty Seconds To Mars performing Closer To The Edge. Pre VEVO play counts 8,228,715. 2010 Virgin Records America, Inc.  Directed by: Bartholomew Cubbins
Best of Thirty Seconds To Mars: https://goo.gl/c3H8id
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Josh Adkins
Am I just different to you now. Is it because we lost Nevaeh . I’m sorry . Was I too mean? Let me fix us. Please. I’m dying inside. Your all I have. Now it’s like I’m nothing when you look at me. There is no light in your eyes anymore. I’m sorry I wish I could have given you more. I will never let go of us. Please I’m dying inside. 5 years with you . I never thought we would end.
Surroundedby Positivepeople
Almost 100 M 👍👏
high roller
Rock on
Kaleigh Sullivan
"some people pray - i turn up the radio." - beautiful girl
shitty talking
not a fan of a "if music wasn't around i wouldn't be around" guy. if he isn't addressing his disease, at some point music won't be enough. seek help. get counseling. therapy saves.
Sashi Sam
Lembro do top 10 da mtv 🥺🥺🥺
This is a dream come true to hear my fav song live in my country - Georgia 🇬🇪 Thank you so much!!!!
Remember when this song help me get through the hardest times