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Unfaithful - Rihanna (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2018-11-03

Wyświetleń: 374327

Czas trwania: 03:51

Opis materiału Unfaithful - Rihanna (Lyrics)

                  Unfaithful - Rihanna (Lyrics)
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Alina Colon
I was dating this guy and I told him I was bi and he dumped me and blamed everything on me and now I feel guilty but it wasn’t even my fault
Oyindamola Danboy
😢😢😢😢so touching
Cathy Ngwenya
the song to play in a break up
Dinda Tiwi
Murderer means kill his character and cheating behind him its awful
Man this is like one of her best songs
Amber133 Lee
This song is about a woman who is cheating on her man, and realizes that he knows. She starts to regret the affair because of what it's doing to him. This was written by Ne-Yo, who was Rihanna's label mate with Def Jam Records, along with the production duo Stargate, who also produced the track. The song returned to the UK Top 40 in December 2010 after Rihanna performed it with Matt Cardle on the 2010 X Factor final.Makeba Riddick worked with Rihanna on her first four albums, but this was the song she feels established her as a vocal producer. She told Billboard that Rihanna's team took her out to Las Vegas so she could cut the vocals with her. "Most artists have an awareness that they can sing, but they don't know how to go into the studio and deliver the vocals and the emotion that grabs people out in radio land," Riddick explained. "There are a lot of people who can tear a stage down, but recording? Not everyone has a grasp on that. With Rihanna, she didn't even know she had such an incredible tone. I helped her find her confidence with that. Lyrically, it's a pretty heavy song, and it was a big transition for her."So that’s the meaning and facts about this song
luciana jacinta
Steve Lavinus
Will cartman ever be with Rihanna lol
South Park brought me here
Jazzie Huggins
I miss this Rihanna.. Damn Chris brown.. 🤦🏾 made our good girl R&B singwr riri into this rarely singing godess.. But Queen still making coin encouraging girls so keep doing u baby!