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Les Misérables: 20- One Day More

Dodano: 2011-04-15

Wyświetleń: 1057626

Czas trwania: 03:31

Opis materiału Les Misérables: 20- One Day More

                  From the Original Broadway Cast                


Kayleigh Jackson
did anyone know that eponine actuallt sings about valjean in her part not marius
Kooki Pop
I just realized-This has the same tune as I dreamed a dream
Treveon McGuffery
One day more.Another day, another destiny.This never-ending road to Calvary.These men who seem to know my crimeWill surely come a second time.One day more!I did not live until today.How can I live when we are parted?One day more.Tomorrow you'll be worlds away.And yet with you my world has started!One more day all on my own.Will we ever meet again?One more day with him not caring.I was born to be with you.What a life I might have known.And I swear I will be true.But he never saw me there!One more day before the storm!Do I follow where she goes?At the barricades of freedom.Shall I join my brother there!When our ranks begin to form.Do I stay; and do I dare?Will you take your place with me?The time is now!The day is here!One day more!One day more to revolutionWe will nip it in the bud.We'll be ready for these schoolboysThey will wet themselves with blood!One day more!Watch 'em run amuckCatch 'em as they fall.Never know your luckWhen there's a free-for-all.Here a little 'dip'There a little 'Touch'Most of them are gonersSo they won't miss much!One day to a new beginning.Raise the flag of freedom high!Every man will be a king!Every man will be a king!There's a new world for the winningThere's a new world to be won!Do you hear the people sing?My place is hereI fight with you.One day more!We will join these people's heroesWe will follow where they goWe will learn their little secretsWe will know the things they know.One day more!Watch 'em run amuckCatch 'em as they fall.Never know you luckWhen there's a free for allWe'll be ready for the schoolboys...Tomorrow we'll be far awayTomorrow is the judgement day.Tomorrow we'll discoverWhat out God in Heaven has in store!One more dawn!One more day!One day more!
Echo Gacha
I just listened to the movie version. It just felt kinda weak in comparison. Might be biased, just because this is what I was introduced to.I absolutely love this song. Just so powerful, conveys so many emotions.Absolutely an amazing job for every single actor here. I have no complaints on the characters, whether it's Eponine or Marius. All of them together make such a pretty song to listen to.Edit: I forgot to include this in the actual comment, but if you're trying to sing along, perhaps stick to one character at the end. Great job to everyone singing!
In Eponines line "what a life i might have known but he never saw me there" she isn't talking about Marius she is talking about valjean because if valjean had seen her st the thernandirs and taken her too she may of had cosettes life and marius would love her. But because he didnt see her and take her, her life was awful
Adlin Martinez
Would it be safe to say this is "the song" everyone knows from this musical?
Annie MacFlannie
Sartorius Kumar as Jean ValjeanAster Phoenix as CosetteJaden Yuki as MariusAlexis Rhodes as EponineZane Truesdale as EnjolrasAtticus Rhodes as JavertDr. Clower as M ThenardiarMiss. Dorothy as Mme ThenardiarYu-Gi-Oh! GX And Les MiserablesGX Miserables
Thenardier gang rise up
Canan C.
The day before the last day of school: One Day More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The last day of school: At the End of the Day!When you see the meanest teacher ever: Confrontation....When everybody got checked out and your eating lunch alone: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables......
Barbara Boeder
The end isn't as complicated if you know that everyone sings their leitmotiv altogether the way God hears all of us at the same time. bbinIL