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billie eilish - true blue (lyric video)

Dodano: 2018-01-18

Wyświetleń: 845321

Czas trwania: 03:21

Opis materiału billie eilish - true blue (lyric video)

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• Billie Eilish -

• Produced by FINNEAS -

social media: https://twitter.com/eilish_YT

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Malta Palta
who came back because they wanted to??
there was a time I had this on repeat every single day. in one of those days I won tickets for one of her concerts and met her... this song is linked to that memory and now I'm here sobbing
Ana Lucía Correa Ramírez
who is here in 2019?
Golden Lion39
This is amazing
Bailey Jackson
Let's just hide here
Claire Gramelspacher
She needs to release this song and Another Stupid Song as they are. In both songs she sounds very “distant”, almost like she’s performing in a diner or something. Well, this song sounds more like she’s performing in a club or something…idk. I just like the vibe of the two songs. Leave me alone lol.
Miriã Borges
merly Schneider
Elisabeth COVENTON
we can hide here from the 'fans'
Basic VSCO Girl
For most artists I found them when they were already famous but with billy I’ve been listening since ocean eyes and bellyache I remember I first knew her from ocean eyes but then completely forgot about her until bored got featured on 13rw then I was like “Ohhh she’s the one who sings ocean eyes” became obsessed with bored like that song means literally so much to me it was there in my worst days and I found bellyache became obsessed with that one too She’s basically the only one I’ve been with since the beginning and I’m so proud of her for where she’s going now