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15. Water Lily OST 착한 남자 FULL

Dodano: 2012-10-28

Wyświetleń: 252364

Czas trwania: 02:33

Opis materiału 15. Water Lily OST 착한 남자 FULL

                  NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All right belongs to KBS and LOENENT
OST Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Part 4
Date released: 24.10.12
01. 사랑은 눈꽃처럼 -- XIA(준수)
02. 착한 여자 -- 이수영
03. 좋은 사람입니다 -- 조은
04. Lonely
05. 재희와 마루 (with Empty Heart & Change)
06. Bueno Hombre
07. Waltz in sorrow
08. 은기와 마루 (with late Autumn)
09. Melancholy
10. Blue Moon
11. 은기 (with Magnolia)
12. Late Autumn
13. Empty Heart
14. Broken Heart
15. Water Lily
16. Magnolia                


Ngọc Minh
so sad but amazing.
소정Sojeong Music
I made a piano cover of it because every time i hear it, It reminds me something sentimental memories. It is the best track i think.
Suzy Ong Shi Ling 王诗凌
Cuál drama es?
Phượng Nguyễn
This is the best drama I have watched and Kang Ma Ru is a character I've obsessed and impressed the most. When I saw it again, it was just be as new emotions.
드라마 다보고 이거 들으니까 진짜 눈물밖에 안나오네 생방송으로봤던 그날로 돌아가고싶지만 이미지나간과거보다는 미래에 내가 그리워할 현재를 더 충실히 살도록하겠습니다. 늦었지만 좋은드라마 만들어주셔서감사합니당 4일동안 정주행만햇네요 ..❤
Imagine you sit on balcony enjoying Eiffel tower scenery
Kary O. S.
the name of the song is not water lily but Broken Heart
A Cloud (Bi Rain Fan)
ah... this always sends me chills. beautiful soundtrack. beautiful drama.
Sofia L
Still remember this song after years...