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Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits II(1972年)

Dodano: 2017-10-07

Wyświetleń: 2052430

Czas trwania: 43:53

Opis materiału Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits II(1972年)

Simon & Garfunkel
/Full Album 『サイモン&ガーファンクル・グレイテスト・ヒッツ 2』
"Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits II"(CBS SONY SONX60195/1972年)

《SIDE 1》
 1. Mrs. Robinson 0:00
 2. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her 4:03
 3. The Boxer 6:09
 4. The 59th St Bridge Song 11:19
 5. The Sounds Of Silence 13:02
 6. I Am A Rock 16:08
 7. Scarborough Fair 18:57

 《SIDE 2》
 1. Homeward Bound 22:09
 2. Bridge Over Troubled Water 24:39
 3. America 29:31
 4. Kathy's Song 33:06
 5. El Condor Pasa 36:23
 6. Bookends Theme 39:33
 7. Cecilia 40:50                


Jeremy Feit
as far as i understand this part 2 = part 1, except part 1 had some live tracks and part 2 has those same tracks as the original studio recordings
Broc felix
This music is clearly racist. My Gender Studies professor told me this as I went to sign my $100,000 in student loans
truk kagak
some of the first moments I realized I love music. Our first hi fi! Mid 1960s? Slept in a room of two bunk beds and three brothers. We got in the habit of albums at bed time, Simon and Garfunkle, Chad and Jeremy, Joni Michell, Gordon Lightfoot, great great music to remember back in a different lifetime.
Kutay Kasapoğlu
Since my childhood, that X sign on Simon's head always took my attention and still takes..
Micheál Gallagher
My Heart, my memories are retrieved back to the most innocent, seemingly eternal happiness that was in allowing myself to Listen. Once again. It is a terrible torture a terrible beauty to allow my soul go back to.what is now, empty grounds, promises, dreams fulfilled now dead. I am haunted by so many memories. Most filled with wonder and awe. A few of anxiety. Back then I was a child Dancing on the Wild Atlantic Coastal shores. I was, it was never considered to end. Now gray and sitting by the fire, I invite those whose parting, winged further into the realisation of this moment happening now. I am haunted....
Carolyn Aitken
These songs use all the words of the 60s groovy coo coo Ka Choo I was a teenage at the time and this was the language teenagers used in this days and these songs bring it all back! Way out man 😂
Rosemary Granat
R Gill
What can you say about it other then WOW.Time has forgotten true artists like These 2.And yet bubblegum hacks like Brittny Spears rake in millions. While I'm sure theses 2 had to suffer on the road for months at a time just to survive. There is just no understanding how we got to this point in what is considered music. Now a days the art has seamed to go backswords gotten worse with time not better.
myrna jay
Thanks for posting ; )
sally mattiaccio
Never get tired of it. Wish it was still like those times. They were the best.