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Kassandra Entrada (Intro)

Dodano: 2011-02-26

Wyświetleń: 134944

Czas trwania: 02:20

Opis materiału Kassandra Entrada (Intro)

                  Kassandra (1991--1992) was a Venezuelan telenovela, written by Delia Fiallo and directed by Grazio D'Angelo and Olegario Barrera, involving a gypsy maiden marrying into a rich family. She does not realize, however, that she is the granddaughter of the man in the house. Her husband is killed on her wedding night, and she is blamed for the murder.
The telenovela lasted 150 episodes, and it achieved a significant amount of success outside Venezuela, it was extremely successful in its airing in Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Syria, other Eastern European countries, Indonesia, Italy and other countries[citation needed]. It earned entry in Guinness Book of World Records as Spanish language TV series being aired in greatest number of countries (128).[citation needed]
The Televisa telenovela Peregrina is a remake of this show.                


Rifqi Rahmansyah
90s are golden times for telenovela....extremely beautiful and handsome main cast...over the top poetic love words...cliche rich poor love story....yet still attract many audiences worldwide..Indonesia included...
Marce Altamirano
Vi toda esta preciosa novela más la linda canción
Angelina Meier
Nostalgia 😓
eduardo diaz
un clasico....¡¡
Justin Bieber
Nelley is Nelley Furtado(Najat) Eunnice Kennedy
Niele Rocha
Aqui no Brasil so sucesso amo essa novela.
R.I.P José Antonio Bordell, the singer of the song "Kassandra".
Gogeta SSJ4
Soraya Valentina Del Salto Perdomo
Kassandra que es la versión venezolana es la más conocida y más ovacionada intencionalmente
olivia maria Goanta
my favourite childhood telenovela