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Brenda Lee - Emotions

Dodano: 2010-01-22

Wyświetleń: 266601

Czas trwania: 02:45

Opis materiału Brenda Lee - Emotions

                  Brenda Lee - Emotions (1961)                


Meredith Thomas
Thank God for this song. Right to the pit of my soul. Shame on me for being so delicate in this world.
Kit kat
Lovely 😊 song touches my heart ❣
Noemi Bagalawis
Her voice is stunning, wonderful !Love your voice Brenda Lee, 👍👍
Darcy Lyons
Such a small little thing but man what a big voice.
Carmen Carrasco
mi vida ..............fue genial !!
Ashanty Shrum
Omg , I forgot who sang this song , and so I’ve been looking for this song for weeks on google and YouTube cuz I couldn’t remember the lyrics and soo many *other songs came up! Mariah Carrey , bee gees , Sandra etc etcFinally ! 😍🥰
Isabelle Prat
Les belles voix de la moutain waouh un vrai régal
Shirley Bignell
I am 78 and lived through a breakup with Brenda's Emotions ,losing you, All alone am I and all the others and they still give me a pang in my heart today. She sang them understanding the pain I was feeling then.
sabrina ponnet
Old music!.....
Harriet Brown
"Those dreams never turn out right..."