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Kanye West - Ghost Town feat. 070 Shake, John Legend & Kid Cudi (ye)

Dodano: 2018-06-01

Wyświetleń: 2843882

Czas trwania: 04:32

Opis materiału Kanye West - Ghost Town feat. 070 Shake, John Legend & Kid Cudi (ye)

                  Standout Track on the new 'ye' album from Kanye West, featuring 070 Shake, John Legend & Kid Cudi.                


Tristan Magbanua
Joshua Garcia Brought me here because this is one top on his playlist. ♥️
Mc გოგიტა
Can we have this Kanye back please?
Lauren Alexander
"I feel kinda of free... we're still the kids we used to be " I think of my brothers, makes me always cry . I miss my brothers
Fuck this might be my favorite Kanye song right after Runaway
Michael anonymous
This shitt saddens me it could have been another verse on here that was so hard fuk around around and change people's lives relationships Kanye dropped the ball on this one still a good song man could have been so much better.
bashar Khalil
I get goosebumps everytime i hear this kid cudi part cuz of his voice and honesty and the fact that he was in a rehab
Petra S
If I’m honest I didn’t like this song in the beginning, but after a while it was the best. That’s how I feel with many of Kanye’s songs. Just give them some time
Eliana Boer