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John Coltrane - In A Sentimental Mood

Dodano: 2009-10-13

Wyświetleń: 5650428

Czas trwania: 04:17

Opis materiału John Coltrane - In A Sentimental Mood

                  John Coltrane - In A Sentimental Mood                


Lauren Jeoffroy
I put this song on replay and listen to it for hours. It's so seductive yet soothing ...pure genius
Gabe Weideman
Here cause Mac Miller
BadFellas 01
I'm a saxophonist, and a few years ago I liked jazz (mainly stuff like Glenn Miller) but I didn't listen to music much so I never really did much with it - then I saw two posters in two separate schools.One was of Charlie Parker, with him blasting the alto and his name in big letters.The other was John Coltrane, with the beautiful picture of him sitting on he piano stool with his tenor.I was asked quite a lot by adults who heard I was into jazz if I knew famous saxophonists and I was always embarrassed to say I didn't.This was the first piece I heard of Coltrane - I fell in love immediately, I have listened to far more music ever since and really broadened my taste from just "In The Mood". I must admit it took me a few pieces to love Charlie Parker but his rendition of Summertime was the one that got to me.I also bought a tenor sax and am currently doing jazz grade 6. So thank you John and Charlie for giving me someone to talk about when adults ask me that dreaded question - I can also now talk about others like Gerry Mulliagan, Stan Getz, Cannonball Adderly and Paul Desmond.
Cerebral Sierra
Still one of my all time favorites. My ex used to play this for me because she knew I loved it ♥️
Meegan Lee
I'm back again, for your acquaintance. Just getting through some hard times..
I now yall see: berleezy
Mac Miller samples this in his song diablo,, beautiful song
Anthony Hutchins
Cuz everybody got dead homies
Cesc Barau
Ramona Carrothers
So relaxing