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12 Stones - World So Cold (lyrics)

Dodano: 2011-12-17

Wyświetleń: 4134552

Czas trwania: 03:55

Opis materiału 12 Stones - World So Cold (lyrics)

                  12 Stones - World So Cold with lyrics from the album Anthem For The Underdog                


Harley Chambers
More or less explains why I'm a misanthrope. I hate the human race and for good reason. If had to pick between a fantasy world with magic and such or this I'll be picking up a sword and shield and head straight for a cave of goblins. ⚔
Oswald The Lucky Rabbit
Are you sane where’s the shame I love that part
reminds me of school days i used to to listen to it in the morning ❤️ I miss the city I used to live there. Thank you WWE for bringing this song to my senses ^_^ </3
We live in a world ruled by narcissists that do not see other as humans and do not care what happen to them. We live in hell.
No Face
"An innocent child with a thorn in his heart"....
Darkness Within
This song always reminds me of my favourite character john rambo and his traumatised yet heroic life
Fenisia 434
8 years and still my favourite Song
Mohammad Zawahreh
I nearly cried when I heard this song for the first time exactly at the moment he says there’s a sickness inside you that wants to escape
speed x1.25, folks!!
This song is too close to how our world has. Been these past few years