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【Cereza】Candle Queen【English Cover】(w/PV)

Dodano: 2018-01-29

Wyświetleń: 382852

Czas trwania: 02:27

Opis materiału 【Cereza】Candle Queen【English Cover】(w/PV)

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Good Evening my beloved lost souls! Finally, a new Cover and the first one to start this new Year! I've always loved the Song created by GHOST but sadly I couldn't cover one up until now because it never was fitting enough for my Range! 

But that is different with “Candle Queen” ! I just feel straight in love with this Song and I love the Melody alone ! So of course, I hope you will enjoy this little Cover as well! Beware: My German Accent may be very strong in this Cover haha 8) 

And biiiig thanks to Minty for helping me with the Sketches for these amazing Artworks, for Raven for working again on this Animation for me and for Lea and Nonon for this amazing Mix! Please go and check all of them out! 


Composition & Lyrics: Silver Chord Music [@silverchordmus]
Instrumentation, PV, VSQx, Mixing: GHOST [@GHOST_AND_PALS]
Illustration: Minty [@AzeniaAi] & Cereza [@CerezaCher]
Vocals: Cereza [@CerezaCher]
Video: Raven [@SkepticalRaven]
Lea Ansella:  https://goo.gl/nCaHjX
Nonon / ✧乃音: https://goo.gl/T2g8Dp



Bow down to your queen foolish mortals
Torrendi Kattosho
this is beautiful
Emma Hamilton
I have found my new favorite cover of this song
But... Original english cover too, only in vocaloid execution...
LPS Galactic Kitty
Oh my this is so awesome!!! I love it! Can I use it pleeeeeeeeeeeeease for lps music video? <3
*0* You're a fallen angel?Your voice is a bless for my ears
Candice Candice
I want to animate to this song.
Lily Jay
Nothing personal but no one and I mean no one can beat gumi megpoid at her own game and I mean like no one can sing her songs without mess up or not sounding good I’m not saying that you sound bad just pls stop
Samuel Shaw
Me: waits until this cover goes on Spotify
あ あ