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[ENG SUB / HANGEUL] Want It - Jay Park (ft. Genius Nochang, B-Free)

Dodano: 2015-11-28

Wyświetleń: 274972

Czas trwania: 06:13

Opis materiału [ENG SUB / HANGEUL] Want It - Jay Park (ft. Genius Nochang, B-Free)

                  Artist(s) : Jay Park (feat. Genius Nochang, B-Free)
Album : Worldwide
Song : 원해 / Want It

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Spit rap like bullets... I like thats how i🙏😊
Bored potato
i never knew that b-free existed like Yeontan is more popular tahn him XD Army would have loved him if he didn't insulted bts he could apologize but NOOOOO his attitude is the prob so Army will keep on hating him 😬😬 [at least me]
Kikumonkiki :D
You’re allowed to like the music, but dislike b free... lol some ppl don’t get thatBut ngl it’s pretty noice
Hazey Indigo
Joshoua is a god모모
i hate Bfree he is a loseri love Jay and bts
This song is goldd since it’s been released
Vminkook Stan
Although I will admit....B-Free has improved as a rapper. And his flow has gotten better.....doesnt change the fact that I hold something against him. Until I see a sign of remorse, then I will personally try to bring an end to the war between ARMY and B-Free. I'll hashtag it. I will. He did...decent. I'll leave a like for now...... (still pisses me off though)
Fifi Nadiah
I love jay park.. but his collab?.. nahhhh...
this song scares the shit out of me