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Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack remastered

Dodano: 2017-02-05

Wyświetleń: 634279

Czas trwania: 01:58

Opis materiału Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack remastered

                  Великий слепой Рэй Чарльз. И его суперхит.                


Samantha Jane Mackenzie-bailey
Is the woman in the middle Regina King?
Esta es la versión usada en el film.... Excelente.
Rodolfo Ayala
Este no es Ray Charles, sino el actor que hizo la película sobre la vida de él.
M D S R Kumar
Hit the road Jamie Fox
The damn soul
why this black girl in the middle looks so mad? She never looked away from Ray
This song needs to be heard by Thots, Side Chick and sluts.
kelly xx
Took a few tries to findThis version the only one I’m Happy with
30k subscribers without no video challenge
hit the road jack and don't you comeback no more no more no more no more(now you)
Attila The Turk
I guess the tallest vocal girl is a part time worker or she's not satisfied of the payment. Anyway it's the best song of jazz for me.