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I've Seen all Good People(studio)

Dodano: 2010-04-07

Wyświetleń: 2915499

Czas trwania: 06:57

Opis materiału I've Seen all Good People(studio)

                  The STUDIO VERSION, yes, the STUDIO VERSION OF I.S.A.G.P.   I couldn't find the studio version so I made a video and uploaded it. Enjoy. note:I do not own or claim to own the audio in this video. It is the property of the respective copyright owners. I do not profit off of this video.                


Michael Mark Martin III
Saw these guys in concert with Brownsville Station and Edgar Winter, first time the paper airplane made it to the orchestra pit from the upper deck
Kalle K
How fast can the white queen run over eight squares?
"I've seen all good people," et al, etc., " Thanks for posting! The music is superb!!! This band, Yes with it's 5 original members wrote extremely good songs that are timeless! Even go one album after this one for the "very goods!" It's called "Close To The Edge."
Mark Russo
I saw them in Madison Square Garden in the 70’s. It was a epic memorable concert. I can still picture the “Good People” of YES playing.
Robrony Hoodlum
One of my all time favorite bands of the 80s. I listened to this one alot.
Terry Black
Yes!We Are!!
Tina Rose
It's only the studio version of one of the many amazing Yes songs , thank you all (Yes) for continuing this tradition of the best of the best!!! Looking forward to seeing the new gang on the Cruise to the Edge in March! Congrat's on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!! Well deserved!!!
robert brunelle
i. be sad here this
Acidic Marisa
bad quality, man, you took a knife to this shit, noooo