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I've Seen all Good People(studio)

Dodano: 2010-04-07

Wyświetleń: 2827698

Czas trwania: 06:57

Opis materiału I've Seen all Good People(studio)

                  The STUDIO VERSION, yes, the STUDIO VERSION OF I.S.A.G.P.   I couldn't find the studio version so I made a video and uploaded it. Enjoy. note:I do not own or claim to own the audio in this video. It is the property of the respective copyright owners. I do not profit off of this video.                


Chris Weidner
World peace anthem. Cherish and learn from one another. End hate.
James Mason
A great tune first listened to in my musical formative years ... this has a strangely haunting/enchanting effect on myself, especially the ending ... absolutely brilliant!
Jeffrey Richardson
michaels whirley birdscotts lye it was not absurdlauries voice unheard
Samuel Feynman Tribute page
I'm omnipresent and timeless and I love this album.
Brad Harper
5:59 when Yes decides they need to school you in harmony.
Gerwyn Evans
It must be 45 years since I've listened to this. Prog Rock in all of its pomp. Thanks for uploading.
Victor Rodriguez
Damn I missed the 70s
linda marie
Thanks so much for posting.
Michael Vout
Possibly the most influential music in my life ( I now compose)
Paul Bali
ah, the classic pop song structure of AAAAA:BBBBBBBB