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Catz 'N Dogz feat. Tanika - Get It Right

Dodano: 2015-09-04

Wyświetleń: 119739

Czas trwania: 03:11

Opis materiału Catz 'N Dogz feat. Tanika - Get It Right

                  The Polish DJs, producers and Pets Recordings' label owners known for their electrifying performances and catchy cuts announce their third LP, 'Basic Colour Theory', a fruitful collection of evocative melodies and gorgeous vocals. This album marks a pivotal moment in their career as house outfit Catz 'N Dogz.



Enkik Asimov
This is so fkn good soo weed i think
Boguslawa Berner
Andrea Wilson
They should call this video "Weird and White (people)"
Boguslawa Berner
Tomasz Zielinski
Dobry numer, że dopiero teraz odkryłem...
their disclosure remix was f*cking weird
Al Wrl
Ur feat is crazy =D =D =D i like ! good continuation
Exiled Global
Love it!
Kai Pelekanos
Catz n dogz were insane at Lovebox festival
Chick at 0:13 is hot AF