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Lil' Kim - Shook Hands

Dodano: 2008-09-12

Wyświetleń: 137426

Czas trwania: 03:44

Opis materiału Lil' Kim - Shook Hands

                  Lil' Kim - Shook Hands off DJ Clue Mixtape                


Le Ron Baby
Yall are SOOO delusional!!!! This song came out once Remy was already locked up.. WTF
Paris Gambino
Nicki wasn't fucking with this Lil Kim period ... Hand lil Kim around in every rap bitch in the game ... N the crowd will still side with these bum ass bitches ... Can none of these how's on lil Kim level simple ... The Best to fucking do it Brooklyn all fucking day
MC Safi
“Long kiss em like my nigga did em” - reference to Biggie’s “Long Kiss Goodnight”, where biggie insinuates he had 2pac merked. Crazy line 🔥
Maurice Fuqua
Lil Kim is 🔥
ricky pinnock
I feel the only other female rappers allowed to be mentioned in the same breath with lil kim Is RAH DIGGA, REMY MA
Susan Cardoza
Back at my best, skin tight dress! Yasss
Jonathan Mrutu
Kim killed it
Michael Perez
QB will always be 👸 🐝. She is nothing to fuck with. 💯💯
Moondog Lightning
This is so heavy its almost ridicouloes