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Opis materiału “MY SONGS KNOW WHAT YOU DID IN THE DARK" by Fall Out Boys - Dance Fitness Workout Valeo Club

                  Rock it out with us to Fall Out Boys!!! Having a frustrating day? This a perfect stress reliever WHILE getting an insane total body workout! You will squeeze in so many squats without even noticing! 

For more info please visit Valeo Dance Fitness Studio website ➡️ https://www.valeoclub.com                


julia tio
Special Thankssss to valeoclub because had teach me this dance for my school perfomance thanksss valeoclub I love you 🙏
Tees insight inspirational -Teewee
lady your work is lovely
WeWe PoTaToEs
I remember doing this for my 4th grade show last year 😂
Love your workout Pls keep it up and thank you 🙏
I've never seen this kind of workout, really amazing
Allan Docater
just use Unflexal workouts :)))
Nice song
Holly Peterson
My husband and father in law have worked with Pound since day one, and it's such a cool concept that has spread like wildfire! We tried the workouts before they launched and it was a good workout but was fun. Your choice of music in this video is rockin. Love it!!!
Kittie Cams
But i wanna practice at home but should i use wooden sticks?