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Chic - Le Freak (HQsound)

Dodano: 2013-08-28

Wyświetleń: 215531

Czas trwania: 05:45

Opis materiału Chic - Le Freak (HQsound)

                  Clip by RBsound Holland 2013
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Le Freak was de big hit released in 1978 from the album: C'est CHIC                


Gianni Spada
Questa musica è la mia passata gioventù😍😎😉
rollin' stoned
this was my intro to disco way back...this was gold along with the gap band, rick james, sos, kool etc!
Gino Salgado
quien quiere bailar conmigo?.
Ricardo I. Ribeiro
The best music! 🇧🇷
Леонид Холкин
Shiela Stevens
Sebastião novric
Toy story 3
Le Cassie
my god i never new that luther vandross was on this shows how much i know
caricature STEPH
YEAH c'est CHIIIICCCCC!!🎶😄 go see my video "LE JOUR DU FUNK" on my channel! Thank you very much!!!
Manuel Vilchez
Thanks, HQ