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Opis materiału GLEE - Full Performance of ''Stop! In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind'' from ''Never Been Kissed"



Kinda Krazy Fangirl
Several years later and I'm still seriously shipping Sam & Quinn even tho they didnt even end up together.
Taylor Goldstein
There are so many cute moments I can’t even count them all ahhhhh
Dexter Nyabereka
I still dont know if coach beast is a man or a woman
sammmmmm 0:53
I heard that it was really hard for Dot to not smile during this performance because they were all so adorable.
Sophie Mars
This is my favorite mash up !! I love this song
angela 5234
I’m only on this episode & I hope the coach finds someone🥺 she’s so precious & sensitive I feel bad for her
Captain Figroll
Honestly season 2 had such good songs
Clara Andrade
I loveeee
Man Sanas